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Why adding window tint to privacy glass is important

Many new vehicles today come with factory tinted glass for the rear windows of the vehicle to add privacy and styling. It is very common for us when we are tinting the front clear glass, to have customers ask us to match the back. This factory tinted glass usually has a VLT (Visual Light Transmittance) of 18%-30% depending on the manufacturer.

A common misconception is that this "tinted glass" is the same as adding window film. This cannot be further from the truth. The factory privacy glass offers no heat reduction benefit over regular glass and no UV protection for backseat passengers. This makes these windows just as important to add film to as your front clear glass!

Lets look at the benefits....

Heat reduction for backseat passengers

It is widely known and recognized that the interior temperature of a car can rise to dangerous levels very quickly. Adding window film to any window will reduce the amount of heat allowed to enter the vehicle by up to 65%!

Prevention of flying glass pieces

In the event of an accident, broken glass from the windows can become very dangerous projectiles and can injure passengers inside the vehicle. Window film can help by holding the glass together in that event, even though the window may be broken.

Add important UV protection to aid in preventing skin cancer

Window film will block 99% of dangerous UV rays that have been proven to increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Children are protected almost all the time while outside by using sunblock, but what is protecting them while riding in the car?

Reduction of annoying sun glare

Sun glare can make any car ride uncomfortable. By adding window film over the back windows, you can add more protection for your eyes to make your commute or pleasure ride much more comfortable.

As you can see, adding window film to your existing privacy glass provides many benefits and very important protections. This is an often overlooked area but can easily be remedied. If you would like more information, or would like to see for yourself what the differences are, we invite you to call us to learn more, or to schedule an appointment to come see the real world difference on our heat lamp display!

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