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Where To Find Ceramic Window Tint

Are you looking for ceramic window tint for your car or truck? Looking to increase comfort in your car, but not sure where to get it? You're in luck! Here at Black Diamond Tint we specialize in ceramic window tinting installations for your vehicle!

Ceramic window film (or tint as commonly known as) is a slightly thicker film, that rejects much more heat than standard dyed films. The ceramic films can reject up to 65% of the incoming heat through your glass! This is great for not only comfort, but also to increase the efficiency of your vehicle by reducing the strain on your car's AC system.

We always keep a full compliment of ceramic window tint shades in stock and with our computer cutting system, its never been easier to have your car tinted in a very convenient and efficient time frame!

Black Diamond Tint is conveniently located in downtown Pottsville, and we have a newly remodeled waiting area!

Call us at 570-527-6962 and we would be happy to get you scheduled for your vehicle!

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