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New Car Window Tinting - Why Its Important

New Car Window Tint

So you just left the dealer, driving home with your new car or truck and your mind is filled with all of the cool accessories you can trick it out with already! We're with you on that!! One of the best investments, yes that's correct, investments, you can make for your new car is to have window film professionally installed!

Benefits of window tint for your new vehicle

  • 99% UV Rejection - UV rays coming through your vehicles glass is damaging to not only your seats, trim, and fabrics...but also very dangerous for you and your skin!

  • Heat Rejection - Modern window tinting films can reject up to 65% of incoming heat through your glass. While this will not only make your drive times more comfortable, it will also help to reduce the fading caused by excessive heat, and also allow your car to operate with higher efficiency because you will not have to be cranking the AC as hard!

  • Privacy - We all are guilty of leaving valuables in our cars from time to time, and having a higher degree of privacy inside the vehicle, will help to obscure items from would-be theives or vandals.

  • Impact Protection - Window film will help to keep the pieces of glass together, in the event of a broken window. This is especially helpful in accidents, but also for the hail storms or other situations where you experience a broken window or piece of glass.

Window film comes in a wide variety of shades and darkness options, to meet anyone's needs! In addition to the shade, you can select different performance options, if you are looking for just looks, moderate performance but not break the bank, or if you are looking to give your car the best possible heat rejection you can!


Selecting the best window film dealer

You've decided that window film is a necessity for your new car, but now what? Where to go? Who to trust?

Where to have your window film professionally installed is no small consideration and it can become very costly, should you find just anyone to do it. You should always look through the past clients and satisfaction ratings, along with their recent works, which should be readily available in published photos and posts online. A reputable shop will be happy to go over options for you and your vehicle, based on your needs and will ultimately make you comfortable and happy with your choices!


If you are interested in having your new vehicles windows tinted, or would just like more information right now, you can reach us at 570-527-6962 or via email at

Black Diamond Tint is conveniently located on W Market Street in Pottsville PA and we would love to have you stop in and speak with our team if you prefer that!

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