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Mobile Window Tinting - Why Its A Bad Idea

Bad mobile window tinting

We hear the questions all the time in our automotive retail location. Were not saying that having someone come right to your house with a product/service doesn't sound ultra convenient, however, certain services are best done in controlled environments.

Most, if not all, mobile window tinters will be "handcutting" your vehicle. This process involves them using a bulk roll of film, laying the film on the outside and cutting the film with razor blades to try and get it to fit properly. This can not only produce many inaccurate cuts, but it can easily damage your vehicles glass, rubber seals, and in some cases, even your cars paint and finish. This process also often produces less than desirable results, due to jagged cuts or by mis-cutting the pattern altogether.

Speaking for our location, we utilize what is known as "computer cutting" to prepare your patterns for installation. We are able to select your make, model, and year of your car in our database, and cut the patterns out for each window, precisely and accurately time after time. This is a much better process for many reasons!

Computer Cut Benefits:

  • Reliable, tested patterns that precisely fit your vehicles windows

  • No risk of damage from cutting on your car

  • Speed and efficiency of overall appointment in our shop

  • Repeatable quality, time after time

Benefits of going to to reputable location:

  • Displays and information about all of the product choices

  • Knowledgeable staff, ready to answer any questions

  • Well lit and clean work environment

  • All necessary tools and equipment are readily available

  • If any issues arise during installation, easily corrected

  • Comfortable and inviting waiting area

  • Easy checkout process with documentation and paperwork

If you would like to have your vehicle tinted, or even just more information to help in your decision, please feel free to call us at 570-527-6962 or head over to our FAQ page for more information, not listed here!

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