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The truths about cheap window tinting

Everyone loves a bargain and we are no exception! We cut coupons, shop for sales, and trying to stretch our dollar as far as it can go but we also are cautious when we get the feeling that something may be too good to be true. Generally, when prices are much lower from one business to another, there are corners being cut or the same product/installation is not offered. This rings true for many other businesses but especially is true in the window tinting world.

Sure, you may have window tint installed for what seems like a rock bottom price that entices you, but it does not come without costs. Lets examine some of the differences in services offered and it may lend some insight as to why you should do your research when selecting a window tinting business for your expensive investment! With the prices of new vehicles being upwards of $40,000, and your monthly payments being $600/month, why would you want to cheat yourself and ruin the appearance of your new car with a subpar window tint installation to save $100.

Here is a comparison of what the cheaper price will get you in the long run when it fails

At Black Diamond Tint, we have invested a large amount of money into our computer cutting software and equipment, to deliver to you, the most precise patterns, without any risk of damage to your glass or window seals. We understand how important your vehicle is to you and we are committed to being the absolute best you can find!

If you are curious about how "the other guy" gets the film cut for your vehicle, they use a razor blade and use your window as a cutting board, cutting through the tint and having the blade cut on your glass. As you can imagine, to get a close pattern, you have to go right to the edge of the rubber, and we all know what happens when you take a razor blade to rubber. It wouldn't be surprising to see that in a few months you not only have scratches and marks on your glass, but there's a good chance you may develop a leak if the seals are cut.

If the process of preparing the film for your car isn't enough of a worry, lets talk about the actual tint itself. There are new manufacturers popping up every day offering the new "cheaper tint" and there are tint shops buying this up to increase their profit margins. We believe that you should only do a job once, and part of that commitment is to use a high quality, lifetime warranty product. Have you seen purple window film? Sure you have! You don't want to be driving around with that look, and certainly don't want to have to have the job done again at a reputable shop.

So to all of our valued current customers and potential new ones, we encourage you to do your research as a savvy consumer, but please ask more questions than just "I want to get a price". There is obviously much more to purchasing window tinting that just price alone.

We hope that you may understand a little better now what the differences is in window tinting shops and hope that we can talk to you soon!

Black Diamond Tint - "For those who expect the best!"

If you are looking for a lifetime warranty, premium window tint installation, call us at 570-527-6962 today to schedule your appointment with us! There is a reason we have customers come from as far away as Bloomsburg, Reading, Allentown, Pottsville, Lehighton, Tamaqua, Bethlehem, and even New Jersey!

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