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Protect firefighter gear from damaging UV exposure

Firefighter gear

Sunlight, more specifically the Ultra Violet light (UV), is especially dangerous to firefighter's protective clothing ensemble that they wear everyday. Storing this gear in a location that has sun exposure, shortens the usable lifespan of this gear, which is very costly to replace.

Depending on the position of a firefighter in relation to the fire front line and type of activity in which the firefighter is involved, the firefighters’ turnout gear is exposed to different

conditions. The type of activity defines the thermal exposure conditions, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, level of usage, and frequency of cleaning of a turnout gear over its

lifetime. The useful lifetime of turnout gear for firefighters is therefore difficult to estimate. Generally after 10 years, the FFPC is removed from service as it no longer complies with the

qualitative performance metrics defined in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). By having this gear exposed to sunlight, and the UV light exposure, the lifespan is reduced even from that.

How can we help?

Black Diamond Tint comes from a long history, having previously worked in the fire truck manufacturing process for nearly 35 years. We understand the needs of fireman and have developed solutions by using window film, to help other firehouses already.

Any of the films we offer will block 99% of the incoming UV light. That's right....99%! Just by adding this film to your windows and doors to your firehouse will greatly reduce the amount of fading and degradation of your expensive gear.

An added benefit to adding window film to your building is that depending on your needs and choice of aesthetics, you can also greatly reduce the incoming heat and annoying glare. Some of our window films will reduce the heat by approximately 80%!

Applying Films to your Firehouse will greatly reduce the incoming heat and all but eliminate the UV!

We also understand that many of today's firefighters have their gear with them, for quick response to fires and other emergencies so their gear is also vulnerable in their vehicles if not properly protected from the UV exposure. A big misconception is that the factory "privacy glass" is tinted and will help. That is 100% wrong. There is not UV protection from that factory colored glass and certainly no added benefit of heat rejection either.

We can help here as well! With our computerized cutting system, we can precisely cut your film specifically to your make model and year of your vehicle. By having your window film professionally installed by our trained personnel, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be well cared for and you will receive the best possible installation.

We have films ranging from 5% all the way to our clear 80% option. We carry standard films and ceramic films, both in a variety of shades and both with a Lifetime Warranty! The ceramic film will reject nearly double the heat that a standard film will, while remaining virtually clear if you desire.

Check out some of our more recent projects for other fire departments. We have installed film on firehouses and fire vehicles.

If you would like us to give you a free estimate on your firehouse, fire department vehicles, or even your personal vehicle, we would be happy to help!

Call us at 570-527-6962

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