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Reducing Glare in your house with window films

Sun glare in house

Reducing glare in your home with high performance window films is easier than ever!

Many people enjoy the sunlight that comes through your windows but it can also be problematic if its not controlled at all. Window films can help to harness some of that intense light and make your spaces in your home even more enjoyable!

It is common knowledge that direct sunlight can cause skin cancer and damage to the eyes, but few people realize that reflected UV rays can be even more dangerous. The time of year, time of day and weather all change the angle of the sun making exposure to the eyes very different from the skin.

Have you ever been annoyed that you couldn't see your TV screen? Cant use your computer because of the glare from the windows? Windows films are the perfect solution to help combat that glare, without detracting from your views to the outside!

Black Diamond Tint is a full service, professional window film company that services all of Lehigh County, Schuylkill County, Luzurne County, The Poconos and beyond!

Call us today at 570-527-6962 or visit us online at to learn more or to schedule your free estimate today!

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