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School Safety & Security Window Films Pennsylvania

Unfortunately in recent years schools have become a soft target for individuals looking to cause mass harm and wreak havoc on society. There have been many advancements though in the ways we secure these schools and protect the children and faculty inside.

In addition to access control, faculty training, scenario based training, & security cameras, Security film is an EXCELLENT first line of defense to aid in delaying entry into a building.

What is Security Film?

Security film is an optical grade polyester material that varies in thickness from 4-14 mil thick and is applied to a piece of glass, providing strength, intrusion protection, and even blast mitigation protection. When applied with a proper attachment system to the frame, it can delay entry of intruders and protect the occupants of the building from glass debris in the event of glass breakage.

Why Armorcoat brand film?

Armorcoat Security Films, from Solar Gard, are a subsidiary of their parent company Saint-Gobain, who has been in the glass industry for over 350 years. Solar Gard manufacturers their own films in San Diego California and controls the quality control process from start to finish where as many other companies outsource their production.

Black Diamond Tint and Security Films

Why do you need a certified installer?

While there are many window tinting companies you may see, only a select few are focused on commercial window film installations, and even less are factory trained in the proper application of security films. Proper installation of the films and the attachment systems is crucial to the effectiveness of the film and how it performs! Black Diamond Tint is a certified Armorcoat Partner.

Certified Security Film Installers Pennsylvania

What does security film do in real life?

At Black Diamond Tint, we have a 15 year background in law enforcement and have participated in numerous school safety evaluations and active shooter scenarios. We understand the importance of protecting our children and ensuring they have a safe and comfortable environment to learn in.

If you would like a full and comprehensive analysis of your school and would like to see how security film can help you in your school, we would will give a free estimate and presentation!

Call us at 570-527-6962

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