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Vacation Home in New Hope PA gets window film installed

We were recently in New Hope PA to meet with New Jersey residents who have a beautiful vacation home just over the bridge into Pennsylvania. The home is nestled just between a canal and the river which provides beautiful views, but with the constant foot traffic in the area, also comes a feeling of being watched in your home through the windows.

They have already experienced all of the benefits of window film since their main home in New Jersey has window film installed there, so they knew that they wanted it here as well. They needed privacy so they opted for a mix of our Panorama Films Slate 10 and Slate 20. By installing these films on their ground floor windows facing the canal, this greatly reduced the visibility into their home from passerby's.

We were extremely happy to work with such a nice couple and we are scheduled to go back again in a few weeks to remove old, faded, and failing window film that is currently on their skylights, with our 5% DR film.

If you are in the New Hope area, or anywhere in between, we would love to work with you and provide you with one of Pennsylvania's absolute best window film installations!

Call us Today at 570-527-6962 or by email at

Here are some photos from our day

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