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Pair of new vehicles tinted for Kutztown couple

We had the pleasure of tinting two vehicles for a husband and wife from Kutztown PA this past Sunday. They were looking to have both of their new vehicles tinted and have had several vehicles done by us in the past. They decided to being both vehicles at the same time to minimize the impact on their schedules. We were very happy to fit them into our schedule and were able to get them taken care of before the spring rush!

Here is the 2016 Toyota Highlander that got our 20% Carbon film for factory match

Here is the 2017 Chevy Silverado that also got our 20% Carbon film for a factory match

As always, we utilized our computerized cutting system to cut and prepare the patterns to ensure a precise and perfect fit for the windows, without any cutting on the vehicle.

If you are looking to have your windows tinted and want to avoid the rush this year, call us today to schedule your spot in our schedule!

570 -527-6962

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