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How do I find the best window tinting company near me?

This a very common question and for good reason. No one sets out to buy a product or service and says "Lets find the guy who does mediocre work" or at least I hope not. The truth is that we all want to have a flawless or perfect job that we paid for, and be happy with the result. Window tinting quality varies greatly between the bottom of the barrel places and the professional ones. Just remember, its cheap for a reason.

The problem it seems at this moment in time, is constant price shopping. Society and the internet has conditioned us to believe that the lowest prices we can find are the best deals. Now, common sense should scream out that even though this is true in some cases, in most, it is not. Think: Drills. Do you really think that you are getting the same quality drill for $19.99 at a closeout bargain store as you are when you order a $180 name brand drill? Sure, the one is $160 less but that is not just because the other name brand company is gambling on overcharging you, its because its made with better parts, has a better warranty, etc.

Enter, window tinting. This, like many service based businesses, it is important to make sure that you are paying enough to not have an amateur who likes to tint in his mother's cousin's ex-girlfriend's sisters spare shed out back. Searches should be done using all of the resources you have available today and you should be reading through the reviews on social media and their website. (If they don't have a website in 2017 you have to wonder why)

The film is the 2nd part of this equation and the part most of us are familiar with seeing. You know, the purple, bubbling, cloudy film that gives everyone a bad reputation. These films are perfect for the "shed tinter" since they are extremely low cost, and usually fail within 6 months - 1 year. A reputable window tinting company will only offer LIFETIME WARRANTY films, that are backed by the manufacturer as well.

At Black Diamond Tint, we pride ourselves in our continued efforts to further ourselves in the industry by our our constant re-investments into our tools and education in different products and installation techniques to produce the best finished product. At Black Diamond Tint we are the person you speak with on the phone the first time and the ones who do the installations. There are no 3rd parties coming to do our work for us and there will never be someone you don't know or haven't spoken with coming to meet you for your job.

When looking for the best place to get your windows tinted, or the best service to come to your home, consider the following:

- Time in Business

- Quality of the film they use

- Amount of reviews and the rating

- Using a name brand product

- Warranty they offer

In short, there are some great deals out there and you can certainly shop around to find the right fit for you but remember that in any purchase, price is just one element and the cheapest bid is usually not the best quality or the best product!

If you want to speak with us about getting your car windows tinted or would like a no hassle free estimate on your home or business, we would love to hear from you! Call us at 570-527-6962 or send us an email at!

Black Diamond Tint services the following areas to better assist you: Allentown, Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley, Easton, Quakertown, Reading, Lancaster, Lansdale, Tamaqua, Hazleton, Pottsville, Scranton, Wilkes-barre, Bloomsburg, and all of the Poconos.

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