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House window tinting is becoming very popular in Northeast Pennsylvania

Window tinting has widely been recognized as a car thing. In recent years, its been publicized more and became a very popular home improvement addition. For good reason, window film is now getting the recognition it deserves as a real energy saving home improvement. Not only asthestically pleasing, window film is a serious powerhouse in your fight against the harmful effects of the sun.

Sure, windows are now more energy efficient than ever, and their marketing will have most people convinced that its the "do-all end all" to save you thousands on your cooling bills. This is partly true, but upgrading your windows, you will be increasing the energy efficiency of your home but they can only do so much.

Even with brand new windows, by adding window film to them you will reject up to 79% of the incoming heat, and block 99% UVA and UVB rays. Adding window film also helps you to reduce glare and slow down the fading to your expensive furniture and flooring. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our residential films so you know that you are getting a product for life!

With the rising energy costs and the ever increasing prices for new furniture and flooring, it is an excellent upgrade for you home to invest in window film. The average return on investment (ROI) is typically between 15%-30%. So in just a few short years, the film will pay for itself in energy costs, and continue to save you thousands on replacement costs for your furniture!

Black Diamond Tint is professional from start to finish. Starting with our knowledgeable staff meeting you in your home and going over all your options, to our expert installers carefully and meticulously installing your window film, you will receive red carpet treatment throughout the entire experience.

We would love to explain more of the benefits of window film and how we can help to improve your quality of living! Give us a call today and we can give you an in home consultation to show we our selection of Panorama window films by Solar Gard and give you a free estimate for your home!

Call us at 570-527-6962 or via email at

Black Diamond Tint installs all over eastern pennsylvania in areas ranging from Allentown, BEthlehem, Quakertown, Easton, Reading, Lansdale, Tamaqua, Pocono Region, Wilkes-barre, Scranton, Philadelphia, Bloomsburg, and many other locations in the tir-state area.

Call us at 484-619-3502 or via email at

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