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HOA & Condo Association approved window tinting films by Black Diamond Tint

Do you live in a townhouse community with an HOA or Condo association that restricts the use of window films? We understand the necessity to these associations to protect the exterior appearances of the homes and ensure uniformity, and we have solutions that are proven to help!

With Solar Gard Panorama window films, we have a variety of shades right up to 80% which is virtually undetectable on the glass. If you are looking for more glare reduction, we also have films that will reduce the annoying glare but still remain relatively neutral on the exterior.

With Black Diamond Tint you will get uniformly dressed employees, wearing shoe covers and utilizing all available measures of floor protection while working in your home. We arrive on time and are courteous with your neighbors, respecting their parking arrangements as well.

If you are looking for window film but hesitant due to restrictions from your homeowner's association, call us at 570-527-6962 and we can show you options to meet your needs. We can also meet with your association representative to get prior clearance and to show them our selection of films.

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