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Black Diamond Tint provides Eagle Rock Resort Home with Window Tinting

We received a phone call from a couple who lives in Eagle Rock Resort who said they were worried about fading to their new furniture from UV rays and also they were having trouble with the sun glare at certain times of the day. We set up an appointment to come evaluate her windows and show her samples of films that we carry and recommend.

UV is very damaging to fabrics, flooring, curtains etc, but it only tells part of the story. Fading is not only caused by UV, but visable light, heat, and a small percentage of misc. factors like the dyes in fabrics or quality of materials also contribute to fading. That said, window film is your best option to reduce the effects of the above factors in fading your expensive furniture and items.

We met with Mary and her husband and showed them a variety of films that would address their concerns and then allowed them to choose the one that they thought looked the best for their house. We decided on Panorama window films CX35 which is a 35% ceramic window film. This film will reject 52% of the total solar energy entering the home through the glass. The beauty of the ceramic film, is its neutral appearance when installed, as opposed to the highly reflective window film options that many other brands offer.

After our comprehensive consultation and enjoyable conversation for a while, we were able to set a suitable installation date that worked for their schedule and minimized the impact for them.

We were able to cut and prepare the window film for their home back at our shop with our specialized window "film handler" which allows us to get precision cuts at varied lengths without having to worry about wavy lines or damaged film. We also used our computerized plotting machine to custom cut some of the smaller more intricate windows and the sunburst window designs above the entry doors. By cutting the film at our shop, we reduced the amount of time necessary on the job site, and also reduced the amount of space needed inside for our equipment. Both of these benefits our customer really appreciated.

Once on site at the house, we immediately began to prep our work area by covering all of the flooring and wood trim work to protect it from any water that was applied in the area to mount the window film. We believe in using as much protection as we can get our hands on, from our absorbent drop cloths to our protective shoe covers, we want to not leave any traces behind that we were there.

The installation of film was straightforward and went off without a hitch. We enjoyed the views from their beautiful home while installing the film on their rear house windows and equally enjoyed the conversation with the homeowners while we worked.

After we completed the installation, we rechecked all of our work and cleaned the area thoroughly. One thing we provide in most installations is a complimentary cleaning to the outside of the windows, so that you can see the true beauty of the window film and also as a nice gesture to our clients. They were absolutely thrilled with the reduce in sun glare and the neutral appearance of the film on the glass. The CX ceramic series is nearly undetectable when professionally installed and provides you with year round protection from the suns harmful rays and sometimes unbearable glare.

All in all it was a beautiful day in Eagle Rock Resort and we look forward to much more continued business there as the authorized Panorama window film dealer for them! Please look through the photos here to see how beautiful the Ceramic CX series film is and what you can expect with a professional window film installation from Black Diamond Tint!

If you or anyone you know have a home in the Eagle Rock Resort area, we would love to offer you a free in home consultation and window assessment. There is no hassle and it is completely free! We service all of Schuylkill, Carbon, Berks, and Lehigh counties as an authorized Panorama Window Films dealer. We offer solar protection films, UV rejection films, Glare reduction tinting, security films, decorative films and custom glass solutions.

Call us today for more information!


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