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D&S Portable Toilets choose Black Diamond Tint to cool down their trucks

D&S Portable Toilets new truck from Hamburg PA Location

D&S Portable Toilets are one of the leaders in portable toilet business and only getting bigger! They are located in Hamburg, PA, where we also do a large amount of business. They called us to install window film to their back windows and give them a glare strip for the front windshields in their new 2017 Ford work vehicles. They spend a large amount of time on the road in the trucks and the summer heat can be brutal. Enter: Black Diamond Tint.

We installed our high performing 5% film on their back window and a 5% windshield strip to cut the intense sun glare. Their trucks have large tanks on the back, making it nearly impossible for anyone to "template the window" by hand since this is done on the outside. At Black Diamond Tint, we utilize computer cutting software and specialized machinery to custom cut the film, without ever touching the car. This allows us to get a perfect fit every time, and when there are obstacles in the way, it is no problem for us!

D&S Portable Toilets Ford Truck from hamburg with tint

We were able to get them taken care of right away and right back out on their route with hardly any downtime and no hassle. The got a lifetime warranty film and the peace of mind knowing that their drivers will now be cool and protected!

Check out D&S Portable Toilets online at for your next event or gathering when you need portable toilets! They are a local company and provide excellent customer service!

If you are suffering from a similar problem with the intense summer heat and glare in your vehicle, don't wait! We have a variety of film solutions to meet anyone's needs and anyone's budget!

D&S Portable Toilets with their windows tinted at Black Diamond Tint

Call us at 570-527-6962 or find more information online at

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