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Adding comfort and glare control for a Reading area business

Finished front exterior view

We were contacted by Congressman Costello's office staff at their Reading location, looking for a solution to cure their glare and excessive heat issue that they were experiencing inside their front office. They said that the problem had risen to the level recently where they were having to wear sunglasses while working on their computers because the clear glass, and the rising sun in that direction, were a perfect storm and reeking havoc on their comfort!

We received the call and immediately set up a site visit a few days later so that we could give them a proper demonstration of the film options available and give them a chance to see and feel the difference for themselves. Once there, we learned that they already had someone give them a quote on the job but they were unable to decide on the film choices due to the tiny swatch book being the only way for them to choose. We explained to them that, that was not how Black Diamond Tint worked with our customers and showed them large full size samples on their actual glass so they could see the outside appearance and the inside difference in glare and temperature. Choosing from a small sample is nearly impossible. They decide on our most popular film, Solar Gard Truvue 15%.

We received a phone call from the office a week later and they said that they would love to accept our offer and enlist our company to perform their work. We prepared our film orders and planned out the job so that we could minimize the impact on their daily work and the incoming people into the office.

We set up our equipment in the corner of the office where we did not obstruct any foot traffic and got right to work early in the morning when we were told that they had less people coming in.

These were large windows, measuring in at almost 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Windows of this size are normal for commercial buildings and we are used to the proper techniques to achieve a clean and proper installation. We take every step possible to ensure that all of the customers carpets, walls, and other belongings are properly protected and make this a priority.

We got right to work and were able to complete the job for them under the time we originally estimated and the were extremely pleased with the results. They were able to reduce their total solar energy (TSER) by nearly 70%! They got everything they wanted out of the film and a full 10 year warranty! Check out the gallery of pictures from the installation below an see the difference for yourself!

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