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Colossal Radio Studio Window Tinting

Colossal Radio Lehighton PA Tinting

We were contacted by our friends at COLOSSAL RADIO about tinting the front windows of their studio on 1st Street in Lehighton, PA recently. We met with the man, the myth, Doc Roberts, and came up with a game plan for them. Doc has been in the radio industry for 35 years and knows his stuff! When he shared his vision with us, we knew we had to be part of it with him and couldn't wait to get started!

Their main complaint was the bright sunlight entering the windows while they were trying to film the interviews and live stream to Facebook. We were able to easily fix this problem by installing our ultra popular Panorama CX 35% Ceramic Film with a 16 year commercial warranty. This film not only addressed the bright sunlight issue, but also came with 53% heat rejection and 99% UV rejection so they will now be MUCH cooler in the studio as well as having UV protection!

Panorama Solar Gard Dealer Pennsylvania

The crew at Colossal Radio couldn't have been any nicer to work with and provided us great entertainment and laughs while working there for the day!

If you're not already following them on Facebook, you need to be!

Check them out here at Colossal Radio!

If you are interested in learning more about window film and how it can help you, head on over to our website at or check us out on Facebook HERE!

For a free estimate, call us at 570-527-6962 or via email at

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