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The alternative for window treatments on irregularly shaped windows

Large weird shaped windows tinted

Do you have large or irregularly shaped windows in your home? Sure, they are beautiful to look at, let a large amount of natural light in, and let you enjoy the views outside but they also present many side effects. Lets look at some of the drawbacks in adding blinds to these windows.

1. Price

If you have ever priced out blinds, roller shades, or other window treatments for these types of windows, you know that it is all but impossible and VERY expensive to find options.

2. Difficult to use

Many of these windows find themselves at the top of rooms, higher than you can reach without a ladder which will result in you having to explore the electronic options, which just added a TON of money to the project.

3. Dirty

We all know that its difficult to clean the tops of your rooms and with blinds and shades, they require maintenance to keep them clean and working properly. Once dusty, they can also reak havoc on your allergies and lead to an increase in sicknesses within your home.

What's the Solution? Enter, Window film....

Window films come in a variety of shades to choose from, so we have a fit for each customer and each situation. The professionals at Black Diamond Tint are trained to properly identify the types of glass you have and recommend the proper film to use that is not only safe, but also addresses your problem. We use a variety of meters to make sure that you are getting the right product and that it will not harm your glass.

Window films allow you to still retain the natural light you love, while rejecting 99% UV light and controlling the heat and damaging effects of the sun. Window film is also a very cost effective solution to these odd shaped windows and can be applied easily by a professional team like Black Diamond Tint.

Black Diamond Tint offers free in home consultations to show you our full compliment of films and to see how we can work for you. Call us at 570-527-6962 or send us an email at to learn more.

Black Diamond Tint proudly services the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Macungie. We also cover the areas of the Pocono's, Lake Wallenpaupack, Lake Ariel, Lake Wynonah, and other popular resort and lake communities in Pennsylvania.

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