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2017 Ram 2500 tinted with Ceramic Window Films for M&J Outdoors in Hellertown, PA

Ceramic Window Tinting for Ram 2500

The owners from M&J Outdoors contacted us about a new truck that they just bought that was in need of having the windows tinted. The factory privacy glass was in place in the rear of the truck but they wanted to upgrade all of the windows with ceramic window film but did not want to reduce visibility in the back.

Ram 2500 with Ceramic Window Tinting Installed

We installed 20% Ceramic Tint to the front windows, which is a perfect factory match to the rears, and then added 80% Ceramic Tint to the rear windows, over the factory privacy glass. Installing the 80% film will provide you with 43% heat rejection, while remaining optically clear. We also installed a 5% glare strip on the front windshield, to the legal AS1 line for them, to reduce the amount of time they needed the flip down sun visors.

Ram 2500 with Windshield Strip

Overall, the truck is now protected by 99% UVA & UVB rejection, saving the seats, and articles inside as well as now enjoying overall heat rejection as a result of using the Ceramic Films.

M&J Outdoors is the one of the areas leading snowplowing and lawn service companies offering large commercial account servicing as well as residential throughout the Lehigh Valley.

If you are interested in learning more about our window films or our installation process you can find additional information on our website at We can be reached by phone at 570-527-6962 for information, estimates, or to schedule your next appointment.

We have a full gallery of our past work that you can find here as well!

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