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Domino's Franchises enlist Black Diamond Tint to help cool their stores

Last year we installed a virtually clear film on a Domino's franchise location in Pottsville, PA on Route 61 because they were battling intense heat through the large storefront windows. This made it uncomfortable for not only the employees who spend all day in there, but also for the patrons who chose to sit and eat there.

After our successful installation there, they went to a franchise meeting and were praising the film and the benefits to other franchisees and managers. These two installations we just completed were a direct result of that meeting.

We were contacted by the franchisee of both the Jersey Shore Pennsylvania Domino's and also the Clearfield Pennsylvania location. We traveled the nearly 3 hours to estimate the store and provide sample options for them to choose from and still remain in compliance with the regulations from Domino's.

After some discussion, the choice was

clear.....Panorama Sterling 60. This film boasts a 44% heat rejection while remaining basically optically clear once installed on the glass. Not only are these fantastic reasons to have this film installed by us, but we also offer a "Premium plus warranty" coverage which is industry leading 16 year commercial warranty and $1750 per pane in glass breakage coverage compared to the standard $500.

We arrived to install the film right on time and had our day planned out to best meet the schedules and needs of the individual locations. We were able to install the entire first store in Jersey Shore in approximately 2 hours, with zero interaction with customers, resulting in minimal impact to the business.

On to our second stop of the day, Clearfield. We arrived at this store around 1130 which put us right near the lunch rush but we were able to work quickly and with our crew of 3 installers, we were able to finish the entire job in less than 1 hour.

We then moved on to eating pizza of course (perks of tinting a restaurant) and then began our 3 hours drive back to the shop.

The employees commented on how nice the film looked and thanked us for helping them be more comfortable this coming summer.

If you have any tinting needs, we certainly have a film option for you. With all of the new technology that goes into making window films today, window tinting does not have to be dark to be working. We have metallized and ceramic options that can cut the heat, reduce the UV by 99%, and lower your cooling costs. The average return on investment for window film is between 15% and 30% per year so within 4 years the film can pay for itself!

Here are some pictures of the installation and the finished products.

Call our team today to have a custom quote built just for your needs!


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