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Adding window film to skylights reduces fading and heat

For anyone who has skylights in their home, they know the struggle is all too real for trying to control the light and heat that comes through them. While they are beautiful additions to your home by letting a ton of natural light in, they also let all the heat and the UV through as well. What can be done? Simple. Let Black Diamond Tint install window film on them and live the rest of the summer in comfort!

We recently did a pair of skylights in New Hope Pa, just south of Lansdale and Quakertown. The owner had previously installed, failing window film on them already. The film was so degraded that it was coming off in chips and pieces, and it was actually creating more heat (think saran wrap over the windows).

We stripped the old film off and reinstalled our high performing Truvue 15% film to crush out the heat and all but eliminate the UV rays coming through.

They enjoyed eating breakfast each morning at the table directly under these skylights but were unable to do so comfortably due to the heat and the fear of the old film pieces falling. Now, their sunroom is protected and will remain much cooler for them with properly installed window film.

Do you have a skylight situation where you need window tinting? Call us today and have us come

give you a no hassle free consultation!


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