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Perfect Factory Match Window Tinting

Window Tinting Factory Match Ceramic

If you own a truck or SUV that has factory privacy glass, you are most likely looking to improve the look of it by tinting the front windows to match the rear ones from factory. That is one of our most common requests and we have just the solution!

Legal limit tint in PA

Factory matching the rear windows is easily achieved by using the proper films and VLT (Visual Light Transmittance). Factory privacy glass will range generally from 18% - 30% depending on the make and model of the vehicle. We have a state of the art light meter we use in our shop to test the rear windows so we can apply the perfect shade for the front windows to best match!

Ceramic Tinting for Heat Rejection

We can use either a standard line film with a lifetime warranty or we can even use a ceramic film, that boasts a 40% higher heat rejection over regular film, and either will match perfectly to the rear windows. Another popular option is to tint over the factory privacy glass as well, since there is minimal heat rejection or UV protection characteristics with just the colored rear glass compared to high performance window films. Check out our recent article on that HERE.

Computer Cut Tinting Experts

As with all of our window film installations, we computer cut your film for your car right here in house on our computerized cutting system! All of our work is back with a LIFETIME WARRANTY as well so you know that you will not have issues as long as you own your car!

Call us today at 570-527-6962 or visit our full website at

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