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Tinting Over Factory Privacy Glass

Privacy Glass Tinting on Trucks

It is a common misconception that your new truck or SUV that appears to be "factory tinted" in the back of the vehicle is actually tinted and performs like window film. The truth of the matter is that this glass is simply colored glass and performs nearly the same as clear glass does. With that, you are not getting any additional UV rejection or heat rejection like you would like a high performance window film.

Because its only colored glass, we can install window film directly on it, just as we would on clear glass. Installing the window film, even on top of the privacy glass has many benefits...

  • Increased Privacy

  • Up to 65% Heat Rejection

  • Added safety for back seat passengers and children in case of accident

  • 99% UV Rejection

Black Diamond Tint can install a high performance film on your entire vehicle that will aid in blocking more heat, increasing safety, additional comfort while driving and enhancing the appearance of your new vehicle!

Computer Cut window tinting

We computer cut all of our film in house for your car so that there will never be anyone cutting on your glass with razor blades, risking damage to your expensive vehicle! All of our films are backed with a lifetime warranty as well!

Call us at 570-527-6962 or visit our easy online quoting system for a customized window tinting estimate, just for you!

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