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Lake House Window Tinting

Lake house in poconos summer

If you live near or by a lake here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, you know all too well that the sun glare that comes off the water in the nicer weather can be brutal in your home. It can make watching TV difficult, seeing your computer screen, and even make midday napping hard (which we all would love by the way)

Pocono window tinting UV Protection

In addition to the sun glare, there are also many other negative side effects to the sun. There is the obvious heat transfer through your windows into the house, the progressive fading of your furniture and flooring, and also the dangerous UV rays that can have negative health effects on you and your family.

By having professionals install window film on your home, you can expect up to a 70% heat rejection, substantial glare reduction, and an impressive reduce in the fading that may occur. We have a wide range of films to choose from, but mostly all of them come with a lifetime residential warranty for you!

We proudly service the following lake communities:

  • Lake Wynonah

  • Lake Hauto

  • Lake Wallenpaupack

  • Lake Ariel

  • Lake Harmony & more!

We service all of Northeastern Pennsylvania with professional residential window tinting. If you would like a free in home consultation and a free estimate, call us today at 570-527-6962

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