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Window Treatment & Blinds Alternatives - Window Tinting

window blinds alternatives

Are you looking for a window blinds or window treatment alternative for your house? If you are like most people, you quickly learn that custom or even large quantities of stock window treatments can get expensive, real fast. Did you know that window films provide benefits that the standard treatments cant even touch? Lets look at some of the benefits here:

Window Film Benefits For Your Home

  • Allow clear view inside and out

  • Reduce incoming heat by up to 80%

  • Eliminate 99% of UV rays

  • Window film does not collect dust or allergens like blinds will

  • Window film is low maintenance and easy to clean

  • Energy efficient upgrade for your home

Let The Light Shine

beautiful windows in home

There is plenty of reasons to let the light in your home, but it doesn't have to come with all of the negative problems either. You can enjoy the incoming sun, and harness it with window films.


Lifetime Warranty window tinting

All of our residential window film installations come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! We proudly stand behind all of our products and you can rest easy knowing that you have a manufacturer back warranty as well!

Are you ready to have your free estimate on your home?

Call us today at 570-527-6962 or send us an email at

Panorama window films authorized dealer

Black Diamond Tint proudly installs Panorama Window Films by Solar Gard and services all of Northeast & Central Pennsylvania.

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