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Mr. Crab Seafood House in Allentown Gets Tinted By Black Diamond Tint

We were called by the owners of Mr. Crab Seafood House on W Tilghman Street in Allentown recently to tint the windows of their recently remodeled storefront. They were recommended to us by our friends at MM Innovations in Allentown.

They said that they were suffering from what we like to call "the fishbowl effect". They felt like they had no privacy when inside the store because everyone was able to just look right in and see the cash register and all of the electronics wires that go along with that.

Black Diamond Tint Truvue installation

We were able to find a film that fit their needs and that they wanted, Solar Gard's Truevue 15% which is a Dual Reflective architectural window film that carries a 10 year commercial warranty and rejects 99% UV. This film boasts a large amount of privacy due to its exterior reflective nature.

Black Diamond Tint installing film

We installed the film for them on a Sunday since they were on a tight deadline with the store opening 1 day away on Monday! The job looked amazing when finished and the owners couldn't be happier!

We look forward to getting over to the Mr. Crab Seafood House very soon to get a bite to eat and you should too! They are located at 3174 W Tilghman Street Allentown PA 18104.

Check out our gallery from our time installing window film at Mr. Crab

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