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2017 Subaru WRX STI looking great!

We were contacted by a local customer, Robert, about installing window tint to his brand new (127 miles!) Subaru WRX STI that he just purchased. He said that he was very picky and wanted the best installation in the area and would not settle for less. We were able to reassure him that he had come to the right place and that we would be more than happy to make his new car look even better! We love it when a customer appreciates the quality and time that we put into each vehicle to make it its best!

We pride ourselves in our quality materials, excellent customer service, and stunning finished products time after time. Installing window film to your vehicle provides you with privacy, heat rejection and 99% UV protection. Having it installed by a qualified and professional shop such as ours, ensures that you will enjoy those benefits for the entire life of the vehicle while you own it.

It all starts with our state of the art computer cutting system, designed to produce perfect fits, every time. It also allows us to cut all the patterns for your car, without using a razor blade on your glass or around your rubber seals like if you have to with traditional methods.

Here is our plotter in action, cutting the patterns for the Subaru. It is extremely quiet and precise!

Here are the finished product photos of this beautiful car.

Our customer was extremely pleased with the outcome of the car and said that he will be contacting us with a few more special projects that his family has and wants only the best!

Spring is coming and we are getting busier than ever imagined. If you want your car to be treated right and have a worry free experience, contact us today!

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