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5 Tips to Save Money on Window Tinting for Your Home or Commercial Property!

1. Research!

This is at the top of the list for a reason folks. When investing any money into your home, you want to research available options and possible solutions that may work for you. Each situation and individuals needs are different and often require a different product. At Black Diamond Tint, we take a unique approach to help identify the problems and solutions with you, instead of just throwing prices and products around.

2. Who are you hiring?

You are inviting these people into your home after all, you should feel completely comfortable with them. We at Black Diamond Tint have years and years of public service experience and have had all necessary background checks. You will never find any employee of Black Diamond Tint with any type of criminal history. We are honest, upfront, and completely transparent throughout the entire process.

3. What is the actual product?

The installation, cleanliness of employees, and honest pricing are absolutely necessary but equally important, is the product itself. The Film. There are many brands and spin offs of brands on the market but not all are created equal. We only install lifetime warranty, color stable films, backed by not only ourselves, but with a manufacturer warranty. We are a Panorama Elite Dealer who is backed by Solar Gard, a Saint-Gobain company.

4. What is the warranty?

Warranty is extremely important since there are some risks associated with the film, if you ignored all of the tips we just talked about. If you have a film installed that is not properly suited for the type of glass you have, it can compromise your seals, or even worse, it can cause your glass thermal stress resulting in breakage. We cover you for BOTH of these scenarios, and even offer a $1750 glass breakage coverage.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

If the company you are looking at is reputable and worth you hiring, they should have many positive reviews and testimonials speaking highly of them. We at Black Diamond Tint have numerous 5 star reviews and a testimonials all over multiple sites. These are verified reviews, from actual customers of ours.

We at Black Diamond Tint have taken the time to invest in excellent, industry leading products. We compliment this with a friendly hands on approach to assist in every step of the puchasing process. Whether you are looking to rennovate an entire complex, or just need a kitchen window done, we are the company for you!

Black Diamond Tint is Family Owned & Operated

If you would like to speak with a professional more about your project, or would like to set up in an in home consultation, we would be more than happy to talk with you. You can reach us at 570-527-6962 or by email at

We service the greater Lehigh Valley area including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Macungie, Quakertown, Bath, Northampton, and beyond. We also service all of Schuylkill County, Luzurne County, Carbon County, and Lehigh Counties.

Authorized Panorama Deale

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