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Installing privacy film on a large commercial warehouse space in Pottsville PA

Black Diamond tinting in Pottsville PA

Unightly building products being hidden with window film

We were contacted recently about installing a privacy film on the windows of a newly built commercial building. There was some areas on the building that you could see into, where there was unsightly building elements.

We have done many jobs in the Highridge Industrial Park for both builders and tenants of the park so we were plenty familiar with the area. We installed a 5% dual reflective film which offers a reflective appearance on the exterior, limiting visibility to the inside.

Adding window film to your commercial building has many benefits above and beyond the privacy that was requested here.

Benefits of adding window film

in Commercial Applications


Heat Rejection

Energy Savings

Fading Protection

99% UV Rejection

Average 2-3 year ROI

Window Tinting for Industrial Buildings

We are local to Schuylkill County but we perform installations all over eastern Pennsylvania ranging from small projects to entire buildings. We are a Panorama Elite window film dealer, offering best in the industry 16 year commercial warranties!

Tinting upper windows in office

When you are looking for efficiency, professionalism, and the best pricing, Black Diamond Tint is a perfect fit for you and your company! We offer free on site estimates and evaluations and with our wide array of films available, we are sure to meet every budget and every need!

Call us today at 570-527-6962 or reach out to us via email at to speak with one of our professionals.

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