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How much does it cost to tint house windows in Pennsylvania?

House window tint cost near me

Home window tinting is fast growing to be just as popular as car tinting, and believe it or not, the benefits for residential window tinting far outweigh those for your car. Even better, the average window tinting cost is not too high and there are window tinting experts right here near you! There are, however, several considerations to look at before making such an investment in your home.

Window Tinting Prices

Pricing is usually at the forefront of most consumers and homeowners decisions and for good reason! Window tinting films can vary in cost from $5/sq ft - $18/sq ft depending on the film selected. Not all films are created equal and careful consideration should be given to the longevity and the warranty that would be coming with the selected film.

Black Diamond Tint has positioned themselves as one of the leaders in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania for high quality window tinting film installations. We are an authorized Panorama Window Films dealer and also deal in 3M, Global Window Films, Express Window Films, Suntek Window Films and many others!

If you would like more information about how window tinting can benefit you and your home, we can be reached at 570-527-6962 or detailed information and pictures can be found on our website at

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