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New Construction and Remodeling

Black Diamond Tint has been performing window film services for commercial contractors, general contractors, and others, all over eastern Pennsylvania.  We specialize in meeting deadlines and delivering sensitive projects under budget and all of the window film contracts are handled with professionalism and confidentiality.

We understand the need to install window film on many different occasions and in a variety of settings.  We pride ourselves in our ability to work well with other contractors working in the same spaces to achieve a common goal. 

Our first step is to identify the goals for the window film project. Once we establish that, we make a decision on what type of window film should be used and sometimes, the type of window film is already specified by the contractors so we follow their direction.  In some instances, if we feel our knowledge and experience can contribute to improve the outcome of the project, we will provide our suggestions as a matter of providing the best quality service.

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