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What film should I choose?

At Black Diamond Tint we offer two types of window film for you to choose or your car.  There is our standard film that is color stable, and carries a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling, color change, or any other failures.  The 2nd option is our ceramic film that looks nearly identical to the standard film line, but offers much more heat rejection than the standard film will.

When talking about window film, the industry measures its performance on many different levels and uses many different descriptions to describe it.  One term you will see is the VLT which stands for "Visual Light Transmittance.  This is the amount of visual light that is allowed to pass through the film into the car.  This is what people commonly talk about when saying they want 20% or 40%.  The most important number though that a consumer is aware of is what they call the "Total Solar Energy Rejection" or TSER.  This number is taking all things into account, and giving you the total performance number if you will.  Looking at these numbers will better help you decide which one will perform best for you and meet your specific needs. 

Here is a look at the important numbers on our standard and ceramic film shade offerings. 

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